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Web Development

Ya know, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and all their buddies that make the web great.

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Cow Mural


I've designed and painted a multitude of murals, so much so I have a company.

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Orcas Woods

Fine Art

I'm professionally trained to paint Smurfs and action figures. And a landscape or two.

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Web Development

About me

I am a Web Developer/Artist hybrid who is drawn to projects that integrate technical and aesthetic skills.

Artistically, I have over ten years of applied artistic retail experience creating and directing the installation of hundreds of murals, paintings, displays, and sculptures that effectively market a wide range of products while creating a memorable experience for the consumer.

Technically, I have strong project management experience coupled with robust frontend coding skills (HTML, CSS3, JavaScript) and an ever-increasing backend knowledge base. I spent several years as a project manager/developer in the early 2000's and recently went back to school to update my repertoire.

Combined this allows me to navigate through a online project's lifecyle- understanding disparate requirements, executing challenging code, and delivering attractive websites.

Here's my resume if you're interested

Me at the color chart -- Photo by Sam Torres.Photo by Sam Torres


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